What to do? Or just doing nothing!


Because our location is in the very south of Slovakia, it is obvious that many excursions also lead to Hungary.


Think of: Budapest, The Palace in Godollo (the former summer palace of Empress Sissi),


Holloko (Unesco), Somosko etc.


In Slovakia there are places like Banska Stiavnica (Unesco), Banska Bystrica, Modry Kamen and many more.


It is also a great starting point for beautiful walks or a bike ride.


Hollókö (literally: Raven Stone) is a beautifully preserved traditional settlement. It is an agricultural community that developed mainly in the 17th and 18th centuries.


The old village was rebuilt in traditional style after a devastating fire in 1909.


Hollókö is inhabited by the Palóc tribe, who celebrate annual traditional folk festivals (such as Easter) in colorful attire. The village is a living example of the agricultural life before the agricultural revolution.

The river Ipel

No industry or lumberjacks here, just the beaver who fell a tree here and there.



The castles and ruins just across the border with Hungary, here for example Somosko


where you can make beautiful walks and also walk from castle to castle in the national nature park Novohrad Geopark.


A day trip to this beautiful city.