Joke, a bird watcher in heart and soul, counted no fewer than 55 different birds on and around the campsite in just 3 days (March 2019) that she stayed here. Below is a list that she had put together for us. Thanks again Joke !!




Birds on and around the camping site and birds

in the wider area.




Stork, Mallard


Pheasant, Imperial Eagle


Wood pigeon, Golden eagle


Collared Dove, Screaming Eagle


Common Cuckoo, Marsh Harrier


Short-eared Owl, Buzzard


Barn Swallow, Common Kestrel


House Martin, Partridge


White Wagtail, Common Crane


Nightingale, Lapwing


Black Redstart, Sand Martin


Blackhead, Bee-eater


Black-shrimp, Yellow Wagtail


Warbler, Collared Redstart


Great Spotted Woodpecker, Stonechat


Green Woodpecker, Garden Warbler


Spotted Flycatcher, Song Thrush


Great Tit, Merel


Magpie, Great Reed Warbler


Crow, Chiffchaff


Starling, Jay


Nuthatch, Raven


Oriole, Tree Sparrow


House Sparrow, Skylark


Red-backed Shrike, Great Egret












We are very curious if upcoming guests can add to this list.