We are Wim and Ellen and we said goodbye to the Netherlands in 2009, we unsubscribed and have been on the road for 4 years. We have visited 59 countries and have also camped in all these countries.


Our journey went to the south of Europe where we made the crossing to Africa in southern Spain, we traveled all over West Africa to Cape Town in South Africa, from here via the east all the way up and in Sudan again made the crossing to Saudi Arabia and through Jordan and Syria to Turkey.


From Turkey we traveled through Iran and Pakistan to India and Nepal. Eventually we decide to drive back to Europe through Bulgaria and Romania and get stranded in Slovakia. What now???








 Slovakia is a beautiful country with great people, life is still affordable, overwhelming nature and sparsely populated. All this means that we have been here for 5 years and still enjoy it very much.


We have created a place here where nothing is required except to feel comfortable. We would love to share this place with you, hence our mini camping and airbnb.


With all our camping experiences we are convinced that you will lack nothing and we hope that you will feel just as good here as we do.


You are very welcome at Moongarden.




We hope to welcome you soon: Ellen and Wim.